The cornerstone of SciWise is its benchmarking objectives and capabilities, made possible through expert-designed survey methodology, innovative research technology and standardized instruments for comparative analysis. Benchmarking can help to aid in discovering and distributing best practices by providing points of comparison with other institutions. SciWise uses four Key Benchmarking Areas to enable comparative research and evaluation at regional, national and global levels.


SciWise benchmarking provides comparisons to other institutions (nationally and globally) in key benchmarking areas. These key benchmarking areas have been developed based on national regulations and international guidelines published by science associations.

personAudience Profile

Understanding your audience profile is important for targeting resources and effort in audience development, as well as contextualizing survey responses and benchmarking data. Automated analytics show whether there are systematic demographic patterns in terms of desired outcomes for science engagement, experiences and actions.

thumbs_up_downAudience Experiences

An essential concern for any science engagement organization or event is the quality visitor and audience experiences. From the food and facilities to talks and interactions with exhibitions, demostrations, staff or volunteers, monitoring the visitor experience in real-time allows practitioners to intervene as soon as a problem emerges.

visibilityScience Engagement

Science engagement is a major theme for outreach activities that seek to inspire audiences and enrich learning experiences with research and scientific topics. SciWise supports participating organizations by benchmarking key factors (e.g., changes in awareness, interest, etc) that can clarify the impacts from science engagement activities.

languageScience Actions

SciWise enables robust evaluation of science-related interests, attitudes and knowledge. It also includes automated analysis of factors that may affect these important outcomes.

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